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Bright Show International.

With over 12 years’ experience and high quality products, Bright Show international, a production company based in both America and China produces high quality products you can get in the market. We have operated mainly through our office located in China. In 2016, our first office was opened in the U.S and has enabled us to reach more people in both the USA and China. We have been able to serve our customers better by providing them with the needed support and expertise they deserve.

Product Sourcing.

At Bright show international, our goal is to produce and provide you with the highest quality products you can get anywhere. All our production are done in our state of the art factories and we have the production capacity and can help you produce any type of product you need. We have created a long term working relationship with most of our customers and we take pride in the quality of those relationships. We have worked with both indigenous and international brands. You can contact us today to get a free and FAST sourcing estimate. We will provide you with a free estimate within two business days and if needed, we can in most cases provide you with an in hand sample in 7-10 business days .