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Bright Show International is an international management consulting agency founded in 2004 with offices in Shanghai, China and St. Cloud, MN. Over the years, we have been able to build a reputation for ourselves as a result of our honest words and actions. Our mission is set at helping businesses to successfully chase planned initiatives pertaining to China. We work together with our clients in the development and implementation of strategic in diverse areas. Our major objective is to provide our clients with quality product at very competitive price.”

Who we are.


Mike Bueckers

Mike is Vice President and Chief Consultant and for Bright Show International, USA.  He is the owner of our office at Minnesota where he is also based. In 2002, Mike moved to china where he pursued a degree in Chinese Mandarin language. In 2004, he graduated with an Advanced level of Mandarin Chinese from the University of Beijing, China. After his education in Beijing, Mike went ahead and began working with other international trade companies accumulating huge experience in the industry. 2010 when he moved to china, he was introduced to his present business partner of five years Michael Lu (Owner of Bright Show International). By working together, they do their best in providing their clients with a feel unequaled satisfaction. Mike was awarded an internationally recognized HSK Mandarin Chinese proficiency credentials last year. He is highly skilled in international business strategies and client communication. After a 14 years period in china, Mike chooses to return to the United States where he has now opened and is overseeing our United States office in St. Cloud, MN. Read more at LinkedIn  CLICK HERE .




Michael Lu

Michael founded Bright Show International in 2003 after his former political career.  Michael has higher education degrees in MBA and EMBA majors with Shanghais internationally known university CEIBS. He is fully involved in diverse university services and events and serves on the board of educators for CEIBS. Since he found bright show international in 2003, he has been able to work with different mid-sized and large brand name companies. He has helped companies like Nike, Wal-Mart and Target in the production and delivery of their desired product. After he had meet with his present business partner Mike Bueckers in 2010 they both started off with their journey of joining hands to provide every all of their client with quality products and at competitive prices.
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